Example with two Netlogo random walk models

The models used are a simple random walk where, for each simulation step, agents (so-called walkers) choose a random direction and step forward. In our example, the walker can go from one model to another. That is, we define one boundary in each model, when a walker cross that boundary, it is sent to the other model.

The Netlogo models specifications available here and here. The exchanged data will be here the walkers positions (x,y) and the walker ID.  The output port of one model is linked to the input of the other.

random walk example 1

  1. How to create the two model-artefacts for the two Netlogo simulators
  2. How to create the coupling-artefacts in order to exchange the walkers
  3. How to create the model-agents to manage the simulation
  4. Create an operation to filter the data to post
  5. Link them together and run the distributed simulations