Example with a single Netlogo random walk model

The model used is a simple random walk where, for each simulation step, agents (so-called walkers) choose a random direction and step forward. The Netlogo model specification is available here. The exchanged data will be here the walkers positions (x,y) the same for input and output. In this simplistic case, the model exchange theses data with itself (i.e. its input port correspond to its output port). Since not very useful for simulation results, this example allows to introduce the very first concepts and their implementation. More evolved coupling in the other examples.

random walk example 1

  1. How to create an interface (a model-artefact) for an existing model implemented in its own simulator
  2. How to create a coupling-artefact in order to exchange one kind of data
  3. How to create a model-agent to manage the simulation
  4. Create an operation to filter the data to be read
  5. Link them together and run the simulation