AA4MM : Released Documentation (linux users)

J2EE Installation (from SUN)

Download JMS (glassfish server version). Under linux, run the sh file in order to install the J2EE SDK (in root ?). Follow the instructions ;)

Run the glassfish server and connect via the web interface

To run the glassfish server, run the following command in a terminal: installation_path_to_j2ee_sdk/bin/asadmin start-domain domain1
Then, run a web browser and connect to http://localhost:4848 (if you have configured 4848 as the admin port during the installation (it is the default value)).

JMS Configuration

(Note that you can configure JMS via the command line)
In order to run the examples, you need to create a physical destination (a JMS topic), a destination source and a conection factory. If you are familiar with JMS note that the folowing parameters are used in classes jmsInput and jmsOutput. If you want to use other parameters please feel free to implement change those classes (see examples code). If you want to use another application (instead of JMS or another JMS implementation) please copy the following interface JmsPort implementation and change it the way you like it ;)

Physical destination

Go to: Configuration > Java Messaging Service > Physical Destinations (in the left menu in the web interface).
Click on New Physical Destination and set the following parameters:
Name = physical_shared_data
Type = javax.jms.topic

Connection factory

Go to Resources > JMS Resources > Connection Factory
Click on New JMS Connection factory
Set the following parameters:
JNDI Name = shared_data_topic_connection_factory
Resource Type = javax.jms.TopicConnectionFactory
Enable = true
Password = guest
UserName = guest

Destination source

Go to Resources > JMS Resources > Destination Resources
Click on New JMS Destination Resource
JNDI Name = shared_data
Resource Type = javax.jms.Topic
Physical Destination Name = physical_shared_data
Enable = true

Now JMS ressources are configured to work with the given examples.

Useful links

JMS Tutorial from SUN.