Agents and artefacts for Multiple heterogeneous Models co-evolution (AA4MM)

Complex systems simulations generally involve the interaction of different scientific fields. Human economies, ecosystems or dynamic computer networks are good examples. Since models and simulators already exist in those fields, designing the simulation as a society of interacting models and interacting simulators appears attractive. Beyond the conceptual and technical issues to make the different models and simulators cooperate, the challenge is to facilitate the design and implementation of these societies of interacting models and simulators.

This page is under construction, please feel free to contact the authors : Julien Siebert, Laurent Ciarletta, Vincent Chevrier by mail : first name dot name at loria dot fr

The authors would like to thanks Virginie Ciarletta and Joris Rehm for their collaborations.

Publications (from HAL)
What are the concepts behind AA4MM ?
Some demonstrations.
Some examples on how to build a society of interacting models.
Let's go to the code...

link to the forge (to download examples)